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At December 27, 2015, held Villafences picnic exchange office-plant in the fourth quarter of Ecological Tourism Zone Scorpio Gold (Hamlet 3, Phuoc Khanh commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province).


The focus for outdoor activities this time "Mounting adhesive coating - Together striving" in which company leaders wish that the spirit of cooperation and teamwork will create synergy to help public good companies can deploy new projects in the near future.



Immerse yourself in the vast space, vast nature of the countryside as sexism Vietnam, management and staff have the opportunity to relax, entertain after a stressful working hours, as well as tightening the spirit solidarity, learn, communicate and share with each other

Opening the picnic, people join team-building activities through the group games require intelligence, ingenuity, solidarity among team members such as Bringing the ball to the finish, Banana Shake, quiz with prizes, faster Ai ai ...




All the members participated in the game


Nguyen The Hai director Villafences (far right) presenting a gift to the winner

In addition, collective members also agreed with the likes immersed underwater movement games such as river swimming, sliding chute, diving, walking on water ...


In particular, the Committee also held leadership Villafences and congratulations to the staff in the same month birthday wishes to the new age people are much more health, success and good luck in everything.




Mr. Quan Van Quan (leftmost) company representatives birthday gifts for employees with birthdays in You

Picnics succeeded beyond expectations, all the members are very happy to get a lot of time together, understand each other better and especially to add a lot of energy is toward success



All the members of shooting anniversary



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